Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins collagen protein and peptides are made from 100% South American pasture-raised bovine hide.

VP Beef GelatinCollagen Protein (green lid)

“Our cattle graze solely on lush grasslands in Brazil and are not given hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. They eat their natural diet – grass, and receive plenty of open space and sunshine. We believe in providing our animals with an environment that nature intended, and the result is a high quality protein that is natural and pure.”

I like Vital Proteins because the canister makes it easier to use and it holds up great against water or shipping damage… and, it doesn't have a funny ‘farm-y' smell.

Great Lakes

GL collagen hydrolysateCollagen Hydrolysate (green cannister)

GL gelatinGelatin (red canister)

Great Lakes gelatin and collagen hydrolysate are actually what we started using in the beginning. Their products are made from grass-fed cows, raised in Argentina and Brazil.

“Our cattle are grass fed and slaughtered in Argentina and Brazil which is controlled by their respective Department of Agriculture. These countries have the same type of rigorous tests and inspections as the United States. Beef hides are the only product used to manufacture gelatin in these countries.”

Great Lakes provides quality collagen and gelatin products at a really great price. This was the gelatin I started out with, and it's a (comparatively) inexpensive option. I've loved using these, and I'm sure you will too… although, I have to mention that the gelatin (red canister) does have a bit of a “farm-house” smell to it… nothing crazy, but you do notice it in the beginning. We still love it though!

Why are there two different kinds?

The Vital Proteins collagen “protein” (green lid) & Great Lakes “gelatin” (red canister) are what you'd recognize as traditional gelatin (the kind you make jello jigglers with). These begin to solidify at room temp, and are the ones you want to use for making jello and gummies. Both the Vital Proteins Collagen Protein (green lid) or the Great Lakes Gelatin (red) are great options for making jello snacks.

The Vital Proteins collagen peptides (blue lid) & Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate (green canister), on the other hand… are water soluble and are great for adding to cold beverages since these types of collagen don't gel. My FAVORITE kind of water-soluble hydrolyzed collagen, though, is…